Saturday, October 14, 2006

A special posting. A nod to some of Singapore's Ambigram Logoes:

The first one is the logo belonging to Singapore Press Holdings (SPH), the company which brings us the daily newspapers. What's beautiful about this logo - other than the fact that it is an ambigram - is how it incorporates the initials (SPH) and at the same time, designed to resemble an old unfurled parchment - thematically linking to news, messages and newpapers. Brilliant!

The second logo is MRT's (Mass Rapid Transit), Singapore's version of the train system / network interconnecting the whole island nation:

The next logo is actually an updated version of the previous logo, again portraying total connectivity:

What's appealing about this logo is that it managed to also allude a stylised / simplified version of Singapore's map (compare to the actual map below, stunning!):

Saving the best for last, a reflection which is also a palindrome!

Nora Haron is a Singapore-born shoe designer whose works are getting deserved recognition worldwide. *For those unfamiliar with the Malay naming system, Nora is her name while Haron is her father's name. Check out her designs here.


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