Thursday, May 25, 2006

reflection: salam,nagfa-singapore

Going back to my roots: designing reflections with death/black metal influences.

'Salam' is Arabic for 'peace', and is often used as a greeting among both the Arabic and Malay communities - 'assalamualaikum' (peace be upon you) - which is often replied with: 'waalaikumussalam' (and peace be upon you too).

In the Malay culture, a 'salam' could also mean an action of welcoming a person's right hand with one's right hand, and then placing one's right hand on the heart after releasing the other person's hand, a Malay version of a handshake.

Significantly, the root word of the word 'Islam' comes from the same root word of 'salam', thus Islam is also known as a religion of peace.



Blogger krftrzx said...

Nice stuff man...
The concept was kinda cool

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