Monday, July 31, 2006

reflection: naguib-fadilah

reflection: naguib-fadilah-nagfa

For us, Nag and Fa, on the third month. Many, many more months and magic moments to come, insya-Allah..

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge August '06

Welcome to the first edition of nagfa's Ambigram Challenge (NAC)! (click here for information)

This month's phrase: 'world of ambigram'
*A relevant phrase, we feel, as this challenge is a union of 'ambigramistas' from around the world. On the difficulty of making an ambigram of this phrase, we would say that it is very much possible - simple formula - even for beginners. What we hope to see from this first instalment of NAC is the artists' personality through the design: uses of fonts, strokes and colours.

This month's theme: 'movie titles'
*A wide field to choose from, this theme encourages artists the freedom to pick ANY movie titles (in any languages, from any era) to present in any one of the ambigram styles available.

Please submit designs to:
hopefully before the 22nd of August (for allowance for us to compile them before September)
please also include the chosen word for the design (especially for 'theme'), your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any)

Nag and Fa thank you again for participating and sharing your works in NAC. May this effort be a success and a new 'tradition' for ambigramistas worldwide..


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Design : the.spider.monkeys
Inspiration : the art/extreme sport of parkour
Type : rotational ambigram
Sizes : M & L
Colours : black on royal blue, black on light blue, black on yellow
Price : SGD$22

Currently, the T-shirts are only available for Singaporean customers. To order, simply email to us at: with the following details: quantity, size, colour. Comments and other enquiries may also be emailed to the same email address.

Ambigram T-shirt: the.spider.monkeys (royal blue)

Ambigram T-shirt: the.spider.monkeys (light blue)

Ambigram T-shirt: the.spider.monkeys (yellow)
Presenting nagfa's latest ambigram T-shirt for sale.

Design : philosopher
Type : rotational ambigram
Sizes : M & L
Colours : white on black, white on navy
Price : SGD$22

Currently, the T-shirts are only available for Singaporean customers. To order, simply email to us at: with the following details: quantity, size, colour. Comments and other enquiries may also be emailed to the same email address.

Ambigram T-shirt: philosopher (black)

Ambigram T-shirt: philosopher (navy)

Friday, July 28, 2006

Somewhere over the weekend..

This weekend will be an exciting time for us, in more ways than one..

1) We will be finalising the word/phrase and theme for the first monthly edition of nagfa's Ambigram Challenge, hopefully something which could be challenging for beginners and yet allow different expressions, styles and interpretations for experts. We will then try to come up with an ambigram solution for the word/phrase.
(For information or archives, please proceed to the side bar with 'nagfa ambigram Challenge')

2) The long-awaited posting of our first two Ambigram T-shirt designs will finally be out: together with information on how to order.
(For information or archives, please proceed to the side bar with 'nagfa ambigram T-shirt stuff')

3) On a personal note, this weekend marks the third month as an engaged couple for Nag and Fa. Maybe a simple something to commemorate that, for the woman whose smile strengthens and weakens at the same time.. Of whom without, all these would come to cease.. Nag loves Fa.
concept piece: naguib-cowboy

Letters from Nag's name - naguib - juxtaposed to resemble a cowboy:
N - Torso with a triangular bandanna;
A - Spread legs;
G - Bent left arm holding a pistol;
U - Head with slightly longish hair at the nape;
I - A straight right arm;
B - Camel-hump cowboy hat.
(The cowboy on the right is an attempt in freehand sketching.. Pardon the imperfections.)

Old, old design (back then when Nag was 8-10) rekindled by Stephen King's fantasy epic 'Waste Lands', NOT Brokeback Mountain(!).
ambigram: jamie-oliver

The spunky celebrity chef. Some people have too perfect a name for an ambigram, such as Angelina Jolie.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge: An Invitation

About six months ago, we had discussed an idea with Matrixadi and Paxy to initiate our own version of Langdon's 'Grid Project'. The idea was agreed on but never really took off due to time and personal duties...

Fast forward six months... nagfa will be starting an interactive 'challenge' on this blog from August 2006: nagfa's Ambigram Challenge. The 'challenge' is open to ALL ambigram enthusiasts - professionals, experts, or beginners.

How it works:
i) Every month, we will post 1) one *word/phrase and 2) one theme, on this blog.
*The word/phrase will be something which we ourselves would have successfully solved as an ambigram.

ii) Visitors are invited to share their own solutions to the given word, or a design related to the given theme. The solutions or designs could be in a form of any ambigrams (rotational, reflection, etc.) and/or in any language. Please email to us at:

iii) ALL designs received will then be compiled and posted on this blog, together with our own solution for the given word, at the end of the month.

i) From a micro 'ambigram art point of view', we hope that the nagfa's Ambigram Challenge could be a way for all ambigram enthusiasts to share their different styles and solutions on ambigram on one blog, and at the same time learn from each other's unique style and solution. (Maybe, this invitation could produce several other distinctive and inimitable ambigram artists like beloved Alberto Portacio and his 'number plate format' or esteemed Serpiente and his simple calligraphic strokes. Or maybe an artist who had found the extraordinary solutions for near-impossible combos like s-a, c-e or those involving k and x..)

ii) From a macro level, we hope that this invitation could be a way to unite people from different races, languages and cultures through the art of ambigrams..

We, Nag and Fa, hope that our small but ambitious effort could be a start for more beautiful efforts in future..


Thursday, July 20, 2006

ambigram: stephen.king
ambigram: helter-skelter

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

reflection: bananas

reflection: bananas

Inspired by B-grade cult-movie posters of the 1970s.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

concept piece: peace

Another work associated with Peace.
ambigram: maelstrom

Monday, July 17, 2006

reflection: nagfa
Reads nagfa from the right. Supposedly to look like a bespectacled kid with a policeman's cap sitting with tongue sticking out..
reflection: nuthfah-nagfa
Another version of this.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

feedback please..

Hi, welcome to our humble blog.. As we have mentioned, we are in the process of launching our own line of Ambigram T-Shirts - comprising both of ambigram and reflection designs. As our valued and esteemed visitors/critics, we would be very honoured indeed if you may send us your feedbacks relating to any of the following matters:

1) any words/phrases that you may feel appropriate and stylish on a T-shirt;
2) any preferred style/design/fonts, together with graphics or emblems;
3) any other suggestions to improve our ambigrams, etc..

The visitors with the best suggestion/feedback will win himself/herself a complimentary mystery prize (ambigram-based, of course!).

Do leave all your suggestions in 'comments', our 'tagbox' or simply email us at:

Your feedbacks are greatly and sincerely appreciated. Hope to be dishing out more wholesome and original works in the near future.. Visit us again..

- we have received many requests to design tattoos. We are sorry to say that as Muslims, we do not provide that 'service' as Islam forbids tattooing; &
- we will post the pictures of our first two Ambigram T-shirts in two weeks..


Wednesday, July 12, 2006


Awaiting faithfully for August the ninth, another ambigram basked in a nationalistic / patriotic fervour.. or is it? One of our more challenging designs, we feel, due to the finding of its ironic thematically-relevant flip-side..

This had also been a challenging design previously..

Saturday, July 08, 2006

reflection: angels.y.demons

The stylised 'y' means 'and' in Spanish.

Friday, July 07, 2006

ambigram: majulah.singapura

Malay for 'Onward Singapore', also Singapore's national anthem and part of her state crest.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

nagfa presents..

We are launching our own line of exclusive ambigram T-shirts soon. The first series, The Singapore Series, is in its printing stage and is scheduled in time for the Nation's birthday bash in August..

For all interested, you may leave a comment, or e-mail us at:

Only a limited number of T-shirts will be printed, and orders will be on a first-come-first-served basis..


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

ambigram: engine

An experimentation with a new style.
ambigram: merfat

Merfat. Another Ambigram Mate from Chile.

Saturday, July 01, 2006

ambigram: lancerlord-paul.twohill

A surreal juxtaposition comprising another one of Singapore's most-cherished bloggers, and a Singapore Idol hopeful. (Lancerlord is the blogger.)