Monday, February 27, 2006

ambigram: albertoportacio
Fellow ambigrammist from Colombia, one of the best in that part of the world. For more information and/or ambigramas samples, click on my link under Ambigram Mates.

Friday, February 17, 2006

ambigram: remember-15february
February 15th 1942. The day the 'invincible master' British surrendered Malaya (Singapore and Malaysia) to the 'dwarved' Japanese. Remember and learn.
ambigram: milan-baros
Czech Republic's international soccer team's striker. 'Milan' becomes 'Baros' when swivelled 90 degrees clockwise.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

ambigram: phlegmucuspit
Phlegm. Mucus. Spit.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

ambigram: nabil-johari

Monday, February 13, 2006

ambigram: mechanics-paradise
ambigram: brucewayne
The altered 'batman logo' forms the 'w' both ways.
reflections: bruce-wayne
ambigram: firebrand

Thursday, February 09, 2006

ambigram: mohdfirman-rosmawati
ambigram: farris-ruby
Another version of.

Monday, February 06, 2006

ambigram: jianen-xiaonen

Saturday, February 04, 2006

ambigram: naguib-fadilah

ambigram: naguib-fadilah
Two more versions, by Dinda again..

Thursday, February 02, 2006

reflection: dinda-duyung
Done by the Dinda herself. Nice, yeah..
ambigram: to-nur-saiyidah-shariff-6nov-04
An attempt at Khat (Arabic calligraphy).
ambigram: the-welkin-blue
reflection: sugar&spice

And all things nice.
ambigram: happy-valentine's-day-(...)

Before you decipher this, do visit Kevin Pease's Page (one of my links) for his own version: 'Have a nice day'. Enjoy. Hint: the 's' in 'valentine's' inverts to a non-letter 'heart shape'.
ambigram: juliet-the-orange
A Malaysian band.
ambigram: mayhem
Evidently, only the word 'mayhem' has rotational symmetry here. The four words on the swastika's arms are (anti-clockwise from top-left): 'raw', 'fire', 'war', & 'end'. This design represents two nations which caused mayhem during the war.
ambigram: HUMANIMALIEN:animal-alien-human
ambigram: buried-alive
ambigram: naguib-shahrel-mamat-helmi
ambigram: mdhizam-normaya
ambigram: ravinther-sugunaiswari

The rather long names turned out pleasantly, especially with a Tamil-influenced typography. The 'R' which - with almost natural ease - converts into 'ari' was a nice surprise!
ambigram: muslim-zurainy
ambigram: nasaruddin-&adawiyah
ambigram: farris-ruby
ambigram: fairuz&-parzila
ambigram: asmirah-bte-a.rahim
ambigram: adilah&-hamdon
Note that the 'I (heart-shape) U 28082001' is also an ambigram on its own.
ambigram: tasyrif-suzieyati

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

ambigram: naguib

ambigram: nuthfah
My name and my pseudonym. 'Nuthfah' is Arabic for 1) 'mote' and 2) 'spermatozoa'.
ambigram: dinda-duyung
For Fadilah, the 'Dinda Duyung' herself. Literally means 'darling' ('dinda') 'mermaid' ('duyung'). The 'D' in 'Duyung' inverts itself into an appropriate, I feel, heart-shape.
ambigram: naguib-fadilah

ambigram: fadilah-naguib
To my muse; my best friend, colleague, playmate, confidante; without whose starry stare or simple smile, and mere presence, all these may never be of being.
ambigram: suay-heng
The first Hokkien ambigram ever on the Net! Meaning 'unlucky' or 'bad luck' ('suay') and 'lucky' or 'good luck' ('heng').
ambigram: thenewpaper
The 'r' at the end was never going to work, until I've used the tabloid's own version of the swoosh logo at the first 'T'. The colour scheme is The New Paper's.
ambigram: unitedstatesofsingapore
ambigram: taufik-batisah

reflection: singaporeidol
Idol-worshipping. Enough said.
ambigram: tampinesmall

ambigram: parkwayparade
Local shopping malls.
reflection: younglions

reflection: the stylised lion head
Well, not actually a perfect reflection, but a reflection of the outline. The 'u' in 'young' is a stylised lion head.
ambigram: masyarakat
Malay for 'society'.
concept piece: hitam+putih=kelabu
'Black+White=Grey'. The letters that form the word 'kelabu' ('grey') are taken from the letters in the words 'hitam' ('Black') and 'putih' ('White').
reflection: cermin
Literally meaning 'Mirror' in Malay.