Sunday, December 31, 2006

ambigram: punks&skins
An updated version - of nagfa's: here and txescu's: here.
One of the best unity song ever: 'Oi To The World'
The original version by The Vandals: here
The covered version by No Doubt: here
ambigram: wakeboarders
The central 'O' is a wakeboard. A future nagfa ambigram T-shirt design. (more T'shirts designs in the sidebar)

NAC December '06 theme

Hi and salam!

As promised, the submitted entries for NAC Dec '06 theme... The theme given was anything relating to the new year and new year wishes. In an attempt to cut down on posting time and effort, nagfa (fa's wonderfully ingenius idea) has decided to present the entries in a fresh format.

nagfa sincerely hope that the new year could yet be another 365 days of great designs, understanding and unity among all visitors..



Saturday, December 30, 2006

Announcement: due to some technical difficulties caused by the recent earthquake in Taiwan which distrupted undersea internet cables, nagfa apologizes for the delay in posting of the NAC December entries.
nagfa is also contemplating a change in the NAC format for next year, taking into considerations personal commitments like our teaching careers and our scheduled marriage. More details in the coming days..
Meanwhile, nagfa wishes all a blessed and peaceful 2007. May our friendship in the past months hold strong in the coming years..
nagfa: naguib and fadilah

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

NAC December '06 phrase

Salam to all! A very warm welcome to new visitors from nagfa. Wishing you the best of health amidst these wonderful, wonderful year end period. As promised, the following are entries to nagfa's Ambigram Challenge (NAC) December '06 edition.
The phrase given for this month's edition was
'Home Coming Queen' and our intended objective this time round
was more to emphasize each designer's personality (we assumed that there were not many possible solutions to this phrase challenge. And from the entries, we are proven right..)
The entries are, as usual, arranged in alphabetical order (by countries). More information and galleries for the designers under Ambigram Mates under the sidebar.
nagfa - naguib and fadilah wishes all a big big thank you, and a better year in 2007! Hopefully, more great designs planned for this blog too,
so do visit us again..

*notice the 'crown' reflection too!


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Monday, December 18, 2006

'Allah' written in Arabic, hidden within SIA's logo?

special post

This is a special post. The following images are derived from the two Arabic written form of 'Allah':

As formed by cactii:

to be continued: here

special post: (continued)

in a tomato:

in a rare quartz (the right side):

in honeycombs:

formed by the clouds (from Earth):

(from outer space):
on a fish:


Much has been said about Coca-Cola's logo which reads 'La Muhammad, La Makkah' (No Muhammad, No Makkah) when inverted.

Is there a similar effort behind 7-UP's own name and logo? Afterall, nobody knows the real reason behind its name: here.

Now, compare that to 'Allah' written in Arabic:

A Special Post: Allahuakbar

Saturday, December 16, 2006

 reflection: ambigrams-singapura

A juxtaposition of two dead languages: Latin & Sanskrit.

Ambigram (Latin) refers to 'both' (ambi) and 'of words' (gram).
Singapura (Sanskrit) is Singapore's 'original' name derived from the words 'lion' (singa) and 'city' (pura), from a legend depicting her discovery. *Some anthropologists, though, believe it comes from the Sanskrit words 'sing' ('rocky') and 'pura' ('city').
ambigram: jack.the-ripper

Some words/phrases/names present pretty obvious ambigram solutions like 'mow', 'seas', 'hurray', 'awesome', 'mayhem', 'murphy's law', 'angelina jolie' and 'jamie oliver'. Sometimes it's in the discovering of such words that could make or break an ambigram design.

For this design, it was 'inspired' (not meant to sound morbid) by the spate of recent killings - five prostitutes, presumably by a serial killer - in the English town of Ipswich.
ambigram: webcam

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

 reflection: masjid

Malay for 'mosque'. A 'mosque' ambigram here.

Monday, December 11, 2006

ambigram: krueger-jason.v
Freddy Krueger and Jason Voorhees: two of the most widely-acclaimed Grade B movies' cult-slashers of all time.
The design was inspired by Darren Bent's (New Zealand) style and concept: a chunky concrete graffiti-like design usually with a pair of good word couplings. More of his works here on
ambigram: spilt-milk
One experimental design to be printed on a mug. Says 'milk' when mug is upright, says 'spilt' when mug is turned over.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

ambigram: selamat-pulang

Malay for 'safe return' ('selamat': safe; 'pulang': return). For beloved Fa and her family, returning today after a well-deserved five-day long trip to cool Cameron Highlands and shopping at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Miss the Miss.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

reflection: iraq-usa-bali
USA, September 11 2001. Reported casualties: 2792
Bali, October 1 2005. Reported casualties: 20
Iraq, since March 20 2003. Reported casualties: 55000 (as of 10th December 2006) and counting...
An updated, refined design of this. Looking at the distinctive outline and shape of the overall design, we figured there could be some 'hidden imageries' within the design. The following are but two of our interpretations:
We see a Lobster Prince here, crowned, sitting on his throne, claws holding up two fizzy glasses of champagne perhaps?

A head of a shaggy-bearded dragon-creature?

How about you.. What can you see? :)