Saturday, June 17, 2006

reflection: el.naguib

The Naguib.

On 'El':
The word 'El' (sometimes 'Al') is equivalent to the English 'the' and functions to separate a particular entity (a noun) from its generic or common group.

The usage of 'El' is shared both by the Spanish speaking communities ('El Nino' basically means The Kid) and those in the Arab world. Historically, 'El' originates from the Arabic language (*'Al-Quran' roughly means The Recital) and was adopted by the Spanish language when Islam entered Spain's Andalucia in 12 Century A.D.

*Just discovered that the word 'Il' used in the Italian language has the same function, too (eg.: 'Il Roche' means 'The Rock')!

*Another two manifestations of 'El', 'Al' and 'Il' can be seen in the French language: 'La' and 'Le' (eg.: 'La Papillon' means 'The Butterfly')!

Language is a wonderful thing; it divides and unites the human race at the same time.


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