Tuesday, October 27, 2009

nagfa tries on type logos

Salam to all!
Ever since the end of NAC, we have yet to find time to stop for a moment to reconnect with all our cherished friend. We hope that each one of you are doing okay with families and love ones, doing okay in your respective jobs and responsibilities and may you be showered with good health and love always.
We - the three of us - are, alhamdulillah, in good health.
This post is to 'announce' a new type-form which we have recently started to try our hands at. Being novices, we admit amateurish outputs and flaws. We welcome any feedback and critiques alike.
Before we share our designs, we'd like to briefly explain what we're getting ourselves into. Having worked with type (or fonts / letterfonts) and logo, we have discovered a unique artform which combines both. It's a representation of types / words / brands in a way which is unique, enabling the meaning of the written word(s) to be subtly hinted by the sheer juxtaposition / placement of the letters / individual letter.
Some examples are:
By the great Herb Lubalin.
Lochness (the subtle Nessie and its reflection with the 'loc': brilliant!) by Navy Blue Design Group. And
'i' is killed. By Geoffrey Cottenceau.
We hope we have explained enough though there are always many more fine examples on the WorldWideWeb for those who are interested.

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Blogger Martijn Slegers said...

These are fantastic! It's such a natural way of portraying the words! I think I may have one or two from ages go that would fit this theme... I'll see if I can find them/patch them up and post them once I do :) Great idea!

8:24 PM  

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