Monday, August 28, 2006

NAC August '06 theme

It's out! The long-awaited posting for the first instalment of nagfa's ambigram challenge (NAC)! These are the entries for the given theme: film titles. Nagfa - Naguib and Fadilah - extends our sincerest thanks to all artists involved in making this a successful first.

For more information and galleries of each artist, do check out their links under 'Ambigram Mates' in the sidebar..

'aeon flux'
.'dr. strangelove'
'snakes on a plane'
'(the) shining'
'the godfather'
'stand by me (ambigram)'
'stand by me (reflection)'
'the lord of the rings'
bill densmore


Blogger Serpiente said...

You are the best.
Saludos a todos los ambigramistas que se unieron al reto.
Nos vemos la próxima.


10:58 AM  
Anonymous kenochai said...

Hey, these are some great submissions! I had meant to submit my own for Spirited Away but I got sidetracked by work and stuff, so it didn't get finished in time. Nice work everyone!

11:59 AM  
Anonymous Fraga said...

Congratulations for your brillant initiative!
The NAC is a big oportunity to conceive the best idea: all creative people are friends.

8:34 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

hola, serpiente,

gracias again for those kind words.. we are touched and are also more excited for the next challenge..

hi, kenochai

we do agree with you that these are indeed great pieces of art. hope you could participate in the next challenge. looking forward to that!

hola, fraga

gracias, gracias. NAC will never be a success without fellow ambigramists who are willing to spare some time and effort to create the beautiful designs, and share them with us.. (we thank all of you for that)

announcement: the next challenge has been posted. All the best!

:) nagfa

8:22 AM  

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