Saturday, October 21, 2006

ambigram: inner-city-youth

One of the songs in Big Mountain's Resistance album. A reggae band (it's initial B.M. is a nod to the legend Bob Marley) based in North America, this album has got to be one of the best arranged and with the sincerest lyrics we've ever come across.

As teachers (Nag and Fa are teachers), this song does struck a chord: it speaks to the youth (inner city youth) about the empowerment through knowledge and education.

Some other tracks worth mentioning in the album are 'Get Together' (a cover of 'Youngblood' with the chorus 'come on people now / smile on your brother / everybody get together / try to love one another right now' used in Nirvana's 'Territorial Pissings'), 'Know Your Culture' ('But soon the culture will be all lost, and the capitalist man will be the cause'), 'Where Will The Children Play?' ('I know we're changing day to day / But where will the children play?' talking about excessive modernization and urbanization), 'Love Is The Only Way' (which has a line declaring 'Mohammad, Jesus and Moses' as God's messengers, uniting three major religions, and promoting oneness among mankind) and 'Bobbin' and Weavin'' (''s the same ol' bobbin' and weavin'... the same ol' games of deceivin'...' a song on 'politricks').


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