Thursday, November 09, 2006

ambigram: girlfriday

A word - of many - which got life thanks to a writer's flash of inspiration. Daniel Defoe's timeless classic Robinson Crusoe introduced the world to Man Friday, the character so called because he was discovered on a Friday. The name later became an expression to describe a male personal assistant or servant. Before long, the term 'girlfriday' came into use to describe a female equivalent.

Butterfingers' song Girlfriday: original version & acoustic version.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

helloo :)

this one looks familiar.. it reminds me of da vincci's 'ILLUMINATI' thingy... from his angels&demons novel i think..

btw can u do one for me?? an ambigram of 'Emma29' or 'Rosie'

thankss :)

p/s: matrixAdi suggested this site to me.. hehe.. so i hope u dont mind me commenting..

9:02 AM  
Blogger nagfa said...

hi, thank you for visiting..

we believe matriXadi could come up with a decent Emma29 reflection, with the central M loking like rose petals..


9:40 AM  

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