Tuesday, January 02, 2007

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge January 2007

As the trashmen clear the discarded ticker tapes, confettis, beer cans and other paraphernalias from the city street parties, and more unused resolutions and broken beer bottles - and promises - got swept under the lush red carpets, another hangover looms over 2007 even before the sun sets in for the first time in the new year.
Here we are, nagfa, still hoping to churn out more ambigrams and such throughout the new year, for your viewing pleasure..
NAC in 2007 - starting with this month's - is a revamped version of the old one. Still with the philosophy of 'unity and harmony through ambigram art', we seek to focus on only one category for the new NAC.
This month's phrase: 'country living'
* During our window shopping sessions for new furniture, we've come across an assortment of home living styles, from the spartan zen to the kaleidoscopick explosions of the retro 70s. In this part of the world, the Bali-inspired home decor is still a popular - albeit cookie cutter - choice. One type of decor that caught our attention is the country-inspired furniture: the lush solid wood with stunning grains. After so much input, the best (read: diplomatic) 'solution' is: eclectic. We hope this month's challenge could inspire designs which capture the spirit of country living...
Note: As a new guideline to encourage the quality of the submitted designs, each designer is only allowed to submit ONE design.
Please submit design to: nagfa_ambigram@hotmail.com before the 22nd of the month. Please also include your name (pseudonyms allowed), country of origin, and links (if any).
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