Sunday, February 04, 2007

nagfa's ambigram challenge February 2007

As promised, the NAC which binds all others, our effort to reward all past participants in previous NAC who has shown utmost commitments and dedication in sharing beautiful solutions. This is our small effort to extend NAC's objective of promoting unity among ambigram enthusiasts from countries around the world.
nagfa presents the guest challenger for this month's NAC: John Langdon. Much has been said about this great artist, one of the foremost in the world of ambigrams, but maybe little has been said about this man's warmth, and respect to his fellow man. Through nagfa's own experiences communicating with him, we realised how much of a humble, down-to-earth person he is. Hats off to John Langdon.
The word for NAC February 2007: 'singularity'
Note: As a new guideline to encourage the quality of the submitted designs, each designer is only allowed to submit ONE design. And as this is a major instalment of NAC, we will extend the submission date to before 22 March 2007. Do spread the word around; we encourage and welcome more participants in this special challenge.
Please submit design to: Please also include your name (pseudonyms allowed), country of origin, and links (if any).
nagfa: naguib & fadilah

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Blogger Serpiente said...

Jhon is the best...
I am ready for the Challengue


3:28 AM  
Blogger Roopak Suri said...

wow! Mr. Langdon himself....
I can't wait to submit my entry...
I would love to have my work reviewed by him...could you tell him to give some comments on my ambigrams as well? will really appreciate it...

2:10 AM  

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