Sunday, April 01, 2007

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge April 2007

After the most successful outing for NAC yet - the John-Langdon inspired February '07 NAC - we settle back to the status quo with a twist: April '07 NAC will be given a slight twist. The ambigrammist with the best design (judged by nagfa) will be invited as the guest challenger for June' 07 NAC!
This month's phrase: 'thank you'
* as a token of our gratitude and thanks for all ambigram artists - past, present and future - we extend our sincerest heartfelt thank you to you all, for not only making NAC a monthly staple (or a fix) but also for making this community a close-knit family, with support, encouragements, and respect. To all ambigram artists: nagfa thank you!
Note: As a new guideline to encourage the quality of the submitted designs, each designer is only allowed to submit ONE design.
Please submit design to: before the 22nd of the month. Please also include your name (pseudonyms allowed), country of origin, and links (if any).
nagfa - naguib & fadilah

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Blogger Serpiente said...

thankyou too for Naguib & Fadilah... your NAC is the best ...


7:55 AM  

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