Monday, April 30, 2007

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge May 2007

...and suddenly, before you know it, sprung another nagfa Ambigram Challenge (NAC). This May instalment of NAC will revert to its original format: one phrase, *limitless entry, and a sharing of designs and *comments.
This month's phrase: 'shark attack'
* there are several motivations for the choosing of this phrase: (1) after the success of the John-Langdon NAC, and under the guidance of his comments and critiques, we feel it is opportune time to showcase what we have learnt on the criteria for designing a succesful ambigram (namely Readability, Consistency of style, Integrity (recognizable presence and respectful treatment) of each letter, and Attractiveness of the word as an entirety), (2) for this NAC, we are allowing multiple entries from a single artist as we foresee various manifestations / ambigram types for this phrase, (3) the rather 'do-able' solution allows new/beginning artists to participate in this month's NAC, making it a 'democratic' - not an elitist - community, and (4) funnily enough, Channel5 - a local Singaporean TV station / broadcaster - is showing a B-grade 'creature feature' campy movie of the same name as I am typing this post(!)
Note: There won't be a formal voting for the favourite pieces, but we do encourage comments and critiques, if any. One reason is because we would already have a Guest Challenger for the June NAC.
Please submit design to: before the 22nd of the month. Please also include your name (pseudonyms allowed), country of origin, and links (if any)..
nagfa - naguib & fadilah

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Anonymous Jacquie said...

I think this is going to be a fun one!

8:30 AM  
Blogger Serpiente said...


I´m ready for this challengue. You have a little gift at

Regards from México.

12:00 PM  

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