Saturday, June 09, 2007

Toilet Signs: An Invitational

Welcome and salam to all!
nagfa is currently 'instigating' a new 'invitational'. It has come to our attention that toilet signs these days are becoming more and more creative and witty (if one can describe a diagram as such!). Thus, we feel that it will be fun - and not to mention the fully-relevant 'toilet humour' - to invite all designers to share funny, creative and 'witty' toilet signs. The toilet signs should only be depictions of the 'Man/Woman' signs, not of words found in the restrooms. An example of a traditional Man/Woman toilet sign would be:

Another example:
What we hope to compile is a collection of creative logos such as this (tetris-inspired):
This will be an ongoing 'invitational' and we will be hoping to compile this collection in a user friendly form - another blog or a long post entry - which we have yet to discuss and finalize.
Do send all your pictures to:
Do include your name and links to the rightful owners/designers/places of the logos. Authentic, personal designs are very much encouraged as well. Please, too, be mindful of the 'family-entertainment value' of the logos: no vulgar images please. :)
Let's see how this project goes.. Do spread the word around. For humour is the soul of 'human amour'..
nagfa: naguib and fadilah

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Blogger Rajasekhar said...

hi nagfa,
Thanks a lot for your comments... i really liked this art, but then i am not very serious about it. I am doing this only to keep my brain working during my idle time and to improve my PS skills ...and, being a beginner, i still need to learn a lot about ambigramming ... not yet into the professionalism atleast ... all for fun and creativity ..

Thanks ..

1:12 PM  

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