Friday, November 30, 2007

ambigram: ace.of.spade

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Blogger scalpod said...


I was once nearly killed by Lemmy, the lead singer for the band Motorhead, who had a hit song titled "Ace of Spades".

I was in LA at the time, at the Whiskey A-Go-Go bar one night with some work mates.

When the girls he was with got up to 'powder their noses', my friends made me go talk to him to confirm his ID?

I said, "The first time I saw you guys was when you played Ace of Spades in the bathroom of the boys' flat on the "Young Ones". (an 80's British TV comedy show)

He said, "We've done a lot of stuff since then - you should check it out."

To which I very nearly replied, "Why? Is it any better?"

Thankfully my survival instinct overrode my humor instinct and made me say, "Cool, I will" instead...

And thus I live and breath. ;)

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