Monday, November 12, 2007

Romanized Kufic: the 4 elements (
Most will agree that John Langdon's 'Illuminati Diamond' ambigram which comprises of the 4 elements is the ultimate ambigram to date. The design is perfect thematically, aesthetically and in its proportion and presentation. Many ambigram enthusiasts, once they have 'mastered' the basic formulae-solving in ambigram designing, will proceed to attempt a diamond ambigram of their own. Us included.
Hence, now, nagfa's own interpretation and potrayal of the 4-elements diamond. As a Romanized Kufic design. The strength of this design - we feel - is in its successful condensation of the 4 words into a rectangle (16x19 grid; a perfect square would be more ideal, of course, and we would be honoured to see anyone who could come up with that). Another detail worthy of noting is that the word 'fire' is formed by letters from the other 3 elements: the 'F' is from the 'H' in 'earth'; 'ir' is part of the 'R' in air; the 'E' is from the 'W' in 'water'.
Another colour combo:
Romanized Kufic: the 4 elements ( white

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Blogger scalpod said...

OK, you've now officially blown my mind...

Granted, there wasn't much left after all the incredible work I've seen tonight but you did it?!

It took me a second to see 'air' but when I did it confirmed this as a truly unique accomplishment.

4:21 PM  

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