Sunday, January 06, 2008

nagfa's ambigram challenge (NAC) Jan 2008

A Happy A New Year to all!
Wow, and before we knew it, BOOZ comes along, pulling the carpets from beneath our feet, while we still tiptoe reaching for our NorthStar.. Rubbing our sore bottoms - and eyes - we struggle up again, the only stars now only encircling dust ones in our eyes.
After the first instalment of a new-format NAC, we start again, this time with a new Guest Challenger - the artist with the most prominent design: Kevin Pease of USA.
"I'm Kevin Pease, an artist, designer, and cartoonist. I was exposed to the works of Scott Kim and Douglas Hofstadter at an early age, and have been playing with ambigrams for most of my life. In 2003 I started taking ambigram commissions professionally, and so I was well situated when Dan Brown hit the spotlight. My ambigram page can be found at (and here I would like to remind everyone who has me in their links list that I lost to domain snipers last year), and at you can read my comic strips.
Many thanks to Homero Larrain, who would surely be the White Rabbit winner had I, not he, been the judge. "
This month's theme: Everything Shakespeare
"For the new theme, I challenge you all to brush up your Shakespeare. Choose the title of any of William Shakespeare's plays to ambigram, or even a distinctive phrase from out of their texts. Even beginners will make quick work of Macbeth, Hamlet, and Othello, so pick something to stand out of the crowd!"
Please submit designs to:
hopefully before 25nd of January (for allowance for us to compile them before February). Please also include the chosen word for the design, your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any). *Designers are allowed to send in more than one design/entry..
All the best,
Nagfa: Naguib & Fadilah

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Nice theme!

I'll see what can I do...

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