Monday, February 25, 2008

reflection: youth olympic, Singapura
Celebrating Singapore's success in being the host nation for the world's first Youth Olympic in 2010. 'Singapura' is the Malay name for Singapore.
Design-wise, lots of visual plays here, from the lateral reflections of the words 'olympic', 'singapura' and 'youth' (totem-style); to the pseudo-figure/ground take of the word 'youth' through the pivotal 'M' and 'A' of 'olympic' and 'singapura' respectively; to the hidden central figure of a humanoid icon (depicting the 'youth') formed by the letters 'O', 'M', 'U', 'A' and 'T'; to the incorporation of the 5 balls (as opposed to rings) with the Olympic colours to represent vibrance and dynamism of the 'youth'.

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