Sunday, June 08, 2008

Personally, in the many branches of what are now conveniently refered to as 'ambigrams', we prefer the awkward-sounding 'symbiotogram'. This is the type where a word/phrase rotates into a different word/phrase. Other than its usage to highlight the concept of opposites, symbiotograms are also popularly used to combine two names - husband's-wife's being a good example - and as gifts for anniversaries, birthdays and/or as designs for a wedding invitation card.
What we love about symbiotograms is their ease in hiding a hidden meaning, especially when the hidden idea has a somewhat ironic or witty 'punchline' when juxtaposed with the first word/ phrase.
Some examples are our own 'world peace' rotating into 'a dead dream' and 'george w. bush' rotating into 'American jerk'.
For this post, inspired by NastyBasty's style, is the word 'nightmare' - a frightening dream - rotating into its opposite, the most blissful of dreams... (?)

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