Saturday, October 04, 2008

Sort of a sneak peek

Within the the next month or so, a new series of nagfa T-shirts will be revealed, after a collaboration with one of the much-visited webpages in cyberspace. Instead of the current designs which delved into rotational ambigrams, this latest series will play with reflections, where a hidden - usually ironic / contradicting - message will only show itself through a mirror.
One such design proposal - and later rejected - was the much-popular NERD-GEEK reflection (below):
Another rejected design proposal:
reflection: the braves-coward shit

The preliminary design (above) works when the macho, testosterone-fueled, chest-thumping declaration of 'The braves' actually reads 'coward shit' through the mirror. Meant to be a humour / witty T-shirt very suitable for a prank Birthday Gift for the Type A - Alpha Male - MCPs.
More updates soon...

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