Thursday, June 04, 2009

Many would point to Dan Brown's Angels & Demons as the main reason ambigram came into the public's eyes. The recent release of the film version made ambigrams even more mainstream. In the coming few posts. we'll be touching on the film.
Meanwhile. we have stumbled upon ths intricately beautiful Spanish version of Angels & Demons - 'Angeles y Demonios' - by our friend, Tomas.

You may want to go to his blog for a more stunning, rotating version (here).

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Blogger Tomás said...

Hola Nagfa, es para mí un honor que me hayas hecho un huequecito en tu casa.

Muchísimas gracias.

Tomás Castañeda.

3:23 PM  
Blogger MARI CARMEN said...

Estupendos!, con permiso del Señor Langdon, el mejor ANGELES Y DEMONIOS que he visto.


4:31 PM  

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