Thursday, July 02, 2009

A design drafted during the US elections. The letter combinations fell into their respective places very cooperatively.
One 'secret' of doing a successful ambigram is the word choice. A word whose letter combinations need minimal manipulations works best. That's the same reason why 'naturally occuring ambigrams' are by far the most legible and most readable of ambigrams.
From the design above, we'd noticed that the first three letters 'T-h-e' and last three letters 'e-n-t' easily rotate into each other. Having a 'safe' formula in mind, we could then simply choose other words or phrases which start with 't-h-e' and end with 'e(or a)-n-t'.
We chose 'TheMutant'. No surprise, the result proved very easy readability:
Next word is simply an extension, 'TheMilitant':

In fact, we had something similar done years back:

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