Sunday, October 04, 2009

Trying our hands in logotype/logo. Hopefully, these could be seen:
1. The readability of the word 'AFFAIR';
2. The depiction of a male icon reaching out both arms to hug (the first 'F')..
3. .. a female icon (the second 'F'), the curves of the 'chest' perhaps, hinting to a female;
4. The depiction of a (pregnant?) female - the last 'R', sitting alone, unaware of what is happening literally behind her back.
Comments, please? Thank you.

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Blogger bigforrap said...

Sorry, I couldn't see it until I read what you had written. It wasn't one of those things that 'glares' out at you. I still cannot differentiate between male and female 'F', but I can now see the two people, one with arms stretched forward, one with arms thrown backwards (for a bear hug :P).

Unfortunately, I cannot see the pregnant woman well. Maybe the bottom of the 'R' needs to be closed off slightly, to emphasise the stomach. i initially thought that the top of the 'r' was the stomach...

Also, why are there gaps in the stem of the 'R'?

All in all, great attempt, the word reads easily, and I hope you'll have successes in the future with these types of ventures. They're very hard to do.


2:22 AM  

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