Sunday, July 24, 2011

Walking through Memory Lane: Racial Harmony Ambigrams

The following designs provide for an interesting comparison of how our designs had evolved throughout the years. As mentioned in the post prior to this, we had previously designed three other Racial Harmony ambigrams (+ one design depicting the phrase in Malay). The first design was done way back in 2006, clearly inspired by John Langdon's Angels & Demons' swirls and flourishes:

The following design was from 2007, when we experimented more with font types. The formulae stayed very much the same, while the flourishes became more subtle, but still distracting.
In 2008, we tried solving the same phrase and theme from another angle, in another language (reads in Malay: 'Keharmonian Kaum'). Using MS PowerPoint, the lines were more uniformed, and sharper. The formulae stayed true. Too uniformed, hence: bland.
2009. It was simple structure and minimalism over intricate embelishment then. Again using MS PowerPoint, the result this time was cleaner, without distractions:

And finally, this year's design:

It's been a meaningful journey spanning over 5 years now. We hope to continue learning the art.

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Anonymous Diah Utami said...

I like the blue one the best. It's dynamic, and the floral add more decoration to it. I like it. The last design in black and white got the second position. In my opinion :)

2:16 AM  

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