Sunday, August 06, 2006

Hi, welcome to Ambigrams by nagfa!

To regular visitors, thank you for your appreciated continued support and encouragement to us. We will continue to try to dish out more original designs on this blog - albeit, not as often - as school has started. Do check out the first NAC showcase late August.. and its next instalment in September..

To new visitors, this blog is dedicated to the art of ambigrams - a word, no doubt, made famous (and thus, mainstream?) by Dan Brown's Angels & Demons - and its different forms. This blog may be divided into three main parts:

1. nagfa ambigram gallery:
Just scroll down and/or check the archives for our own ambigram designs. One of the most Frequently Asked Questions posed to us is 'Do you use any softwares to design your ambigrams?' Answer: All our designs are personally conceptualized and go through the initial hand drawn sketchings, a few stages of drafting and tweaking to perfect the fonts/proportions/spacings, before scanning and filling up the colours using Adobe Photoshop. Some of our designs, though are posted in their mere hand-drawn glory *eg: m.naguib-ambiguity. Thus, our designs are all unique and original.

2. nagfa ambigram T-shirts:
We have recently launched the first designs in our line of ambigram T-shirts (the first in Singapore!), where the designs can be read from right side up and/or upside down. Currently, these T-shirts are only available in Singapore, but we are sorting out this to make them available elsewhere, too. We are hoping to come up with designs from diversed inspirations and street cultures: Parkour, Rastamani, the beach culture, skaters, and mostly pertaining to the teenage-anti-order-angst. The cost of each T-shirt is only SGD$22 and each design is exclusive and limited in quantity.
(For information or achives, please proceed to the sidebar with 'nagfa ambigram T-shirt stuff)

For those interested in having your own personalised ambigram designs, we do take requests. The most common ambigram requests are:
i - name rotates to same name *eg: NaguibNgadnan
ii - name rotates to another name *eg: AlfianSaat-LeeKuanYew
iii - couples' names rotating to same couples' names *eg: Jianen-Xiaoen
The cost for the designs starts from SGD$20, depending on intricacies.

For requests, orders, information on the T-shirt and personalised ambigrams, email to us at:

3. nagfa ambigram challenge (NAC):
This is an exclusive only to this blog, the first effort worldwide, we think, to invite ALL ambigram artists/enthusiasts to a monthly ambigram-designing challenge.
(For information or archives, please proceed to the sidebar with 'nagfa ambigram challenge')

Sincerely, we, nagfa: Naguib and Fadilah, hope that you have a pleasant time surfing through our blog. Do leave comments, and please visit us again..

salam (peace),


Blogger balaji said...

HI nag & fa,..

i was really busy with my admission and research..have now completed my Undergrad and have moved into PG..and..have moved to the US..thats why couldnt participate in your challenge as well and havent been pracxticing much on ambigrams as welll because of lack of time..hope to continue my work from now on..

11:25 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

hi, balaji..

hey, no worries..we understand the situation.. congratulations on the next phase in your life and may you have a fruitful and successful time there in the US..

you are always welcome to visit us again..

naguib & fadilah,

9:11 AM  
Anonymous zuriaf said... nice ambigram that u create..

ermm, i want to link ur blog....hehe.. i hope u dont mind...

11:20 PM  
Blogger Social Handgrenade said...

Hi Nagfa,

I stumbled across your ambigramblog while searching for Escher art. I was blown away with your designs, they are amazing, and such a fantastic concept. As a student of 'journalism and editorial design' I like to play with typography occasionally. Have you any tips on how can I develop my own ambigrams? I've never seen or heard anything about this, are there any useful resources available out there? I would greatly appreciate your advice.

Many thanks for introducing me to this fantastic world of typographic magic. Best of luck with all your displays and shows.

9:00 AM  

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