Thursday, August 31, 2006

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge September '06

The moment has arrived for the second instalment of nagfa's Ambigram Challenge (NAC) - the first worldwide challenge-invitation for ambigram enthusiasts to share and showcase their individual style and personality. (click here for more information)

This month's phrase: 'myths and legends'
*In our process of receiving and compiling the entries for the first NAC, we were pleasantly thrilled by the beautiful forms, fonts and serifs of each and every design, something which we would like to highlight in this month's challenge. This month's phrase, we hope, could be relevant and appropriate enough to inspire artists to come up with bolder and more exciting interpretation. Note: the 'and' could pose interesting solutions - by retaining the whole word or by using any forms of the ampersand ('&').

This month's theme: 'song titles/albums/bands/singers'
*Another level after the first theme, this month's theme again allows artists the space and freedom to choose from a wide field (from ANY countries, language or era) and to present in any one of the ambigram styles available.

please submit designs to:
hopefully before the 22nd of September (for allowance for us to compile them before October). Please also include the chosen word for the design (especially for 'theme'), your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any).

Nag and Fa sincerely thank you for participating and sharing your works in NAC. May this effort be an impetus for a micro-world peace and unity among people from diversed backgrounds.



Blogger Basileonardo said...

singapore! thats nice! thx for visit my blog, your ambigrams are better of mines, really, goos luck with you ambigrams blog, i wll post so mush mora ambigrams what i am do, if you want post one of mines on yout blog, ok cya (sorry for my english) :)

2:20 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

hi, basileonardo

thank you for visiting us too.. all the best in your future designs..


9:27 AM  
Anonymous bharat said...

hey thanx for th comment....n plz do chk my page frequently cuz i do update it wen i get time for it...a bit busy but i still manage to do ambigrams once a while...thanx buddy....


1:41 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

hi, bharat.

we will be keeping an eye on your blog. and we'll be linking it to ours soon..

all the best in future ambigrams..


1:43 PM  

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