Wednesday, September 20, 2006

nagfa's photofest adventure 2006

Over the weekend of 16-17 September, nagfa was invited by Tourism Malaysia to Malaysia PhotoFest 2006 held at the Malaysian Tourism Centre. The Fest is an annual event promoting universal beauty, peace and brotherhood. As Fa was busy with her obligations as a teacher, Nag represented nagfa. Hopefully, Nag & Fa could participate in similar events in the future together. That will be great!

nag: a deer in the headlights

Malaysia Tourism Centre: nightimescenes

the calm before the storm

blueberry morning

The Malaysia Tourism Centre is located a mere 500m from the world's tallest Twin Tower, the Petronas Twin Tower, and not far from another giant, the KL Tower.

the *katet: 'Batman', Aldellah, Fadzli and Faisal (seated)

Abang Faisal and his *katet, as the event planner for PhotoFest2006, were responsible for the invitation of nagfa. nagfa again would like to thank him for the best hospitality one can hope for in a foreign land; the accommodations, the food, the contacts and friends made, the opportunity, the trust and respect. Thanks, bro! To the whole *katet too.

*katet: a bond of friends chosen by Destiny and guided by Time (from Stephen King's The Dark Tower)

'Batman', Nag, Fadzli & Faisal

the display booth (the setting up)
Din and Hadi, the guys from Peace Malaysia ( It had been a journey of celebration for friendship between different countries, as well..
Fa: Love and the Butterfly
Love and the Butterfly
Beautious beings that flutter by
Leaving us in utter sigh
When they go we mutter why

...and Nag loves Fa excessively still; beforebetweenbeyond.


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