Friday, October 27, 2006

reflection: oag

One of Malaysia's influential indie-geek-rock'n'roll bands. Masters of wordplay ('beautifool', 'adhorrible', 'istrimewa', 'Sabtuday', 'akustatik', etc.); ambiguity (a song entitled 'Slumber' hints an inter-language homonym : 'Selamba', meaning 'aloof, indifferent or phlegmatic' in Malay) and juxtaposition. Liberal creators / users of a hybrid language - incorporating English, Malay and Arab - in their lyrics, thus not a favourite among the language purists.

See here for their Malay song 'Per-my-suri': 'Permaisuri' meaning 'queen' in Malay, the 'my' could be a hint to Malaysia's cyber-domain as in its usage ''.

See here for their English song '60's TV'.

See here for their English song 'For Whatever'.


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