Thursday, November 09, 2006

ambigram: too.phat

Wanted this to look graffiti-like, to mirror the hip-hop culture of 'Too Phat'.

Acknowledgement: the 'nagfa' signature was designed by Homero Larrain (see Ambigram Mates).

Malaysia's foremost hip-hop duo - Malique and Joe Flizzow, their works have seen many collaborations with other acomplished artistes worldwide. What makes their songs different is their willingness to fuse the hip-hop genre with traditional Malay melodies as loop and even dwelling into the untested fusion of hip-hop and Middle Eastern music.

Just A Friend : A 'traditional' hip-hop tune.
Just A Lil' Bit : Featuring Warren G, about uniting the world with hip-hop.
Anak Ayam : Incorporating a Malay folk tune loop.
Alhamdulillah : Infusing with the distinctive Middle Eastern sounds.


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