Friday, June 22, 2007

ambigram: islamist
How did one word with such noble meanings (here) turn into one synonymous with hatred and disregard for life and mankind?
There was once a time when the world was less cynical and suspicious, when differences were welcomed like unexpected guests during meal-times, and invited to sit and join in the modest feast. When shows such as this weren't quickly dismissed as being 'racial stereotyping' or 'racist'. Miss those times..

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Blogger scalpod said...

This is simply amazing!

The design, the presentation, your accompanying thoughts, everything.

It's unfortunate but true that it takes a thousand good deeds to outweigh the memory of one bad one.

It's what I've heard called the 'bad puppy' syndrome.

There are a lot of people who, instead of remembering the many weeks of fun they had playing with a new puppy, would only remember the one time he peed on the rug. :(

4:42 PM  

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