Tuesday, September 04, 2007

NAC JULY 2007 Theme

Hi again for the submissions from ambigram enthusiasts from around the world. NAC (nagfa ambigram challenge), since its first instalment, has undergone quite a bit of a change, in format and also in its format. Never have we thought that a simple invitational on a niche hobby - ambigrams - could be so successful in terms of participation and support. We owe it all to you, dear visitors and friends.
As nagfa - Naguib and Fadilah - ourselves have plunged into the whirlwind of marriage life. and our careers getting into the faster gears, we feel only right to share what we feel about the future of NAC..
When we started off, it was like being a wide-eyed kid starting his lemonade stand. He'll be standing there by his stand, waiting patiently, loyally for his clients - his customers, his regulars, his friends - to come by every now and then. And his regulars came from all walks of life: teachers, professionals, students... all dropping by in the midst of their busy schedules, sipping his lemonade as solace to a mundane life.
As this kid grows up, he himself knows, that how much he loves selling his lemonade, other obligations would creep up, and he will not set up his stand as regularly. Deep in his heart, the nostalgia of meeting and catching up with the regulars will be the best memories one can have. He hopes that when he is there with his loyal lemonade, that regulars could still offer the same 'hi, how do you do?' and 'How's it goin'?'. He misses that too.
nagfa (singapore)
nagfa (singapore)
paavo pirinen (finland)
paavo pirinen (finland)

paavo pirinen (finland)

kisabolipz (philippines)

julio herrera a.k.a. janus (mexico)
homero (chile)
'detalles-galletas' (details-cake)
alberto portacio (colombia)
'queso.santo' (saint cheese)
adrian moro calderon (spain)

'sabina y amigos' (sabina & friends)
adrian moro calderon (spain)
ruel (philippines)
' distilling-thoughts'
ruel (philippines)
scalpod (usa)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Everyone of you are gifted artists - thanks for making my day brighter and more interesting.

2:54 AM  

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