Monday, January 07, 2008

ambigram: batman&-superman
Other Superhero-based nagfa ambigram:
ambigram: ironman

ambigram: superman

ambigram: bruce.wayne

ambigram: wolverine

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Blogger Tomás said...

Hola, Nagfa, soy Tomás, gracias por tus comentarios en mi blog
Tus ambigramas son magníficos.
Paz (salam).

6:13 PM  
Anonymous inkblot said...

As Robin would say :

"HOLY *insert word that has a witty reference to the subject matter here*, BATMAN!!!"

Simply put : You rock ah, bro! I didn't think it was possible to even do an ambigram of their names together!

Sriously, you've got some SERIOUS talent.


11:30 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

tksih tomas & inkblot..

we try our best. A batmanSuperman ambigram is very much possible too.

@ inkblot: a 'chibi' chained circular is also possible as a border to batmanSuperman.


10:41 PM  

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