Tuesday, April 22, 2008

ambigram: freddy.krueger-jack.the.ripper
Phew.. One of our favourite designs to date. After trying many, many times for a 'Jack the Ripper - Serial Killer' ambigram (with most times being unsatisfactory; a lake reflection proves just elusive too, though Killer reflects to Ripper almost too easily, but that's another story..), we realised that another phrase/name could be made use. 'Freddy Krueger' seemed a natural choice due to the perfectly placed 'dd' to rotate from 'pp'. Thus, this ambigram piece of two legendary slayers: The Fiction and the Folklore.
Hereby, we'd like to extend our awe and respect to NastyBasty who had attempted 4(!!!) times to solve the elusive 'Jack the Ripper-Serial Killer' ambigram.

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Anonymous inkblot said...

Salam bro

By far this has got to be your COOLEST design yet! That's just plain freaky, man.

I hope you solve the Jack the Ripper / Serial Killer puzzle. Hmmm... maybe I'll take a crack at it myself! Haha... :D

12:22 AM  

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