Wednesday, June 11, 2008

nagfa's ambigram challenge (NAC) June 2008

Hi and salam to all,
Firstly, the not-so-good news:
We understand that most viewers would have been wondering what happened on Saturday, when details of the promised 'special NAC' were not posted. We want to apologize to all who had been waiting patiently that that collaboration fell through. In a nutshell, we - the proposer and nagfa - had discussed how a special NAC could be organized to search for a worthy design logo for his ambigram-related webpage. The winning design would receive a token sum of cash. Nothing was set in concrete, though, as a better, more financialy-sound offer came by and that edition of NAC had to be cancelled. But, let's keep our fingers crossed; it could still happen in future.
To accommodate for the lull time (we are still waiting for Daniel Dostal's NAC proposal), we would like to post two challenges:
1) theme: Beijing Olympic 2008
As the Olympic torch only burns only once per leap year, and the ongoing media hype surrounding this controversial instalment of the Olympic reaches fever pitch, we would like to see designs commemorating the event. Designs could be simple ambigrams or reflections. Concept pieces would be nice, too. Or for the more adventurous ones, maybe a symbiotogram with words relating to the Olympic rotating into a witty protest, pessimistic/cynical sentiment... anything.
2) theme: Superman
The second theme revolves around the superhero with the red speedo. We would love to see symbiotograms relating to him: Clarke Kent, Kryptonite, Lex Luther, Bizarro, red speedo, your own name, perhaps... anything.
Please submit designs to:
hopefully before 25th of July (for allowance for us to compile them before August). Please also include the chosen word for the design, your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any). *Designers are allowed to send in more than one design/entry...All the best,
Nagfa: Naguib & Fadilah

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