Friday, June 20, 2008

Salam to all! Just a quick update: for this month's nagfa's ambigram challenge (NAC) - more information: here - we have proposed two themes, surrounding 'Beijing Olympic 2008' and 'Superman'. Visitors and artists alike are encouraged to vote for their favourite designs for each theme. The artist(s) with the most popular designs will be invited as Guest Challengers in future instalments of NAC. The reason for this 'multi-challengers' format - not forgetting Daniel Dostal's upcoming one, too! - is so that instead of only one design proposal, concurrently-run NACs will allow artists with diversed opportunities to hone their ambigram designing skills.
In the meantime, let us leave you with a quick ambigram depicting the two themes for this month's NAC:
A previous ambigram design depicting Batman and Superman:
Superman's stuck in the phone-booth
The Batmobile's stuck, refusing to move
Spiderman's stuck in the World Wide Web
While the Hulk's still stuck in his chilli crab
Catwoman's stuck cleaning a milk stain
Daredevil's stuck searching for his cane
Wonder Woman's stuck with the Great Sale wives
While Wolverine's stuck selling Ginsu knives
We're all stuck in mediocrity
Muzzled Lions in this concrete city
Or circus Lions in iron cages;
Superheroes in comic book pages.
The comic books out of print ages
ago, dog-eared and yellowed images
of sanctioned sedated silenced sages.

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