Saturday, August 02, 2008

NAC June 2008 Theme 1: Superman

Hi and salam! Nagfa present the entries for Nagfa Ambigram Challenge (NAC) June 2008: Superman. More information: here. We - Naguib & Fadilah - extend our heartfelt thank you to all contributors who had made this outing a success.
The first design is our own. We tried to depict an all-American image: Superman and New York. A 'RMaN'-'NeWY' solution seemed too inviting to give this combination a miss. The common perception that Metropolis itself was based on New York was an impetus for us.
nagfa (singapore)
Here is the mini gallery of the submitted entries from our wonderful friends:
'superman' spinonym by txescu (catalunia)

'clark kent-superman' reflection by nastybasty (germany)

'superman the man of steel' by nastybasty (germany)
'daily planet' by danial dostal (poland)
'daily planet' headline page by daniel dostal (poland)
'superman-lex luthor' by daniel dostal (poland)
'clark kent-lex luthor' by ruel masacayan (philippines)
'superheroe' by jose perez (spain)
'superheroe' by jose perez (spain)

'clark kent-superman' by cy reb jr. (usa)
nagfa thanks all artists for the inspirational sharing of their solutions.
nagfa: naguib & fadilah

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Special clap, clap, clap! for Daniel Dostal!

10:30 AM  
Blogger Juan Luis said...

Yes, all brilliant works, but Daniel DostalĀ“s ambigram is great!

Saludos, Salam.

9:36 PM  
Blogger Alessandro said...

Great Daniel Dostal!

3:30 PM  

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