Friday, July 03, 2009

Welcome WM Jas!

We've been trawling the internet for new artists, and was pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon WM Jas' website: here. WM Jas - William James Tyconievich, based in Taiwan - must be one of those artists who excels in experimenting in his art. In such a short span, he had come up with very good concepts of diversed ambigrams and wordplays.
One fun example is shown below, a pictoral ambigram where a decapitated head rotates into a jug of wine. Even the clever splatters / splashes of red fluid help in the understanding of the graphics.
Then, we also saw this, a very original take of a 'William' ambigram. Which works by playing with the negative spaces, too.
And if that wasn't enough to thrill us, he had designed a cross-language ambigram, too:

We're not done yet. He had this very observant wordplay in store for us (and listed other possible words-combination, too!):
Not satisfied with the 'simpler' one-lined ambigram, he pulled off a stunning 8-words ambigram 'Well, Adam, you have a new world here'!
Expect more surprises from the artist himself: here.

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Blogger Wm Jas Tychonievich said...

Thanks for the write-up!

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