Saturday, October 28, 2006

nagfa's Ambigram Challenge November '06

The end is nigh for October '06... and the pending November arrives with a new Challenge. As promised, this month's nagfa's Ambigram Challenge (NAC) is special. As an initiative to foster a stronger bond between the ambigram family (which is growing every month!), we - nagfa - have decided to invite a fellow ambigramista once every four or five months (the concept is still in its infancy; we'll see the general response) to contribute their own challenge (a phrase and a theme).

This month's first guest 'challenger' is Jose Fraga from Brazil, a much-respected ambigramista and commentator in the ambigram scene. Describing himself in his own words (we've decided to keep it in its original state as we feel the humour and punchline behind each line may be lost when translated, and furthermore, language should not be a barrier between us):

'My name is Jose Fraga. Fraga is 'scarp' in Portuguese. I'm in this wonderful planet has amused 60 years. I have three sons and three grandsons. They have genetic mine copyright: all are glad. I'm journalist and humorist I live of the words, them I support me (natural that I had an affair with ambigrams). Already I published some books of humour and I write in sites and blogs. My professional interests include philosophy, jazz, SF, poetry, illusions of optics, and other illusions of the life that enchant me. And very important: my bad English does not reflect my enthusiasm for the new friends for the world. But, this is not an authorized biography!'

This month's phrase: Laughter is Life

This month's theme: Humorists, Satirists and Comedians

Please submit designs to:
hopefully before 22nd of November (for allowance for us to compile them before December). Please also include the chosen word for the design (especially for 'theme'), your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any).

Due to the many entries we received, we encourage participants to limit their entries for each category. We - nagfa: Naguib & Fadilah - wish all participants, regular and new, a creative and fruitful time in finding solutions for the challenge. Thank you in advance for giving NAC the support and success for these past 3 months. Hopefully for the future too..



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