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NAC June 2007 Theme

Hi and salam to all! This has been a hectic month, and we predict the upcoming month or so too (nagfa is in transition, what with the new job: teachers, planning for our new home and our wedding coming up). But fret not, we will still bring you the very best of NAC!
For NAC June, we had our esteemed guest challenger from Colombia, Senor Alberto Portacio (a teacher himself!) proposing the theme of 'famous couples'. We received many enties, and more than a few new participants as well. To them, welcome to the NAC family!
The first piece - done by Martijn - is a tribute the the Guest Challenger. The entries covered all layers of interpretations for 'famous couples', from cartoon characters, to history figures, to literary schizophrenic to even artist and his muse, and artist and his killer! ... And one of the most extraordinary solution for an ampersand yet!
We hope that this month's solutions could be shared and admired, learnt and appreciated. We know we do! Without further ramblings, enjoy.. And do leave comments and/or critiques..
humble hosts,
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland): alberto y nora
paavo pipinen (finland): ginger rogers - fred astaire
serpiente (mexico): villa y zapata
scalpod (usa): arm and hammer
scalpod (usa): adam & eve
homero larrain (chile): adam & eve
frits jonker (holland): god-devil
mark palmer a.k.a. wowtattoos (usa): dr, jekyll-mr hyde
txescu (catalunia): dr,jekyll - mr.hyde
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland): catherine zeta jones/catherine/cathy - mike/michael/michael douglas
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland): maxima willem alexander
martujn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland): will smith-jada pickett
martijn a.k.a ambgramateur (holland): prins willem alexander en prinses maxima
chandana sri (india): laurel and hardy
scalpod (usa): laurel and hardy
alasdair morrison (scotland): romeo + juliet
emma howard (australia): juliet-romeo
chandana sri (india): the beauty & the beast
chandana sri (india): tom & jerry
manidipa (new zealand): homer for marge
anuar (mexic0): marge & homero
ruel (philippines): mickey & minnie
chandana sri (india): mickey and minnie
jordi (catalunia): john lennon-yoko ono
luigi nardiello (italy): salieri-mozart
jose manuel perez (spain): dali-gala

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Blogger Martijn Slegers said...

Ah, there they are! And yet another successful challenge once again! Many famous couples have been honoured with skillfully designed ambigrams! Great work everyone!

I really like the fact that both real couples and cartoon-couples have been used as a source of inspiration! :)

I'm looking forward to the next challenge and I hope to see your work there again!

Keep up the good work!


5:59 PM  
Anonymous Paavo said...

Great challenge, great ambigrams,
It's hard to compare different ones, since the theme was so wide, but still special respect for a few... Some critique too as at least I would like to have that too. I have no special competence, but I think anyone can give some constructive critique.

Serpiente's Villa y Zapata: Great simple solution with great readibility. I love the font style Serpiente uses. Only weak separation of the words is on a minus side.

Mark Palmer's Jekyll - Hyde: Mark is so well established with great ambigrams and strong stylishing that he barely needs menationing, But I still like this one. Only it's notable how much for at least me the d of Hyde was a readibility bump. With some styles and ambigrams d - e transition is very natural, but here it seems a biggest problem - probably mostly because of a need to separate the d from a.

Martijn's Zeta-Jones - Douglas: Other ambigrammist with a full forename - surname -coupling of a famous pair... and more! Style has a strong feel of a basic universal ambigram font. Easy to read at least when you know what to expect. Catherine was probably my biggest bump. It is easy to reformat, but I cannot but start to read it "Cathero... what?"

Chandana Sri's Laurel and Hardy: Simple lines, very unforced feel and a perfect readibility. For me Hardy's r is a bit unfamiliar (I do recognice it though) and thus caused a little difficulty. I did not know Laurel and Hardy by their english names either, so this might have passed as Laurel and Handy.

Jordi's Lennon- Ono: Very nice idea. I like it how Yoko's Y changes into a peace symbol o. Has a strong needs for a better h.

Luigi Nardiello's Salieri - Mozart: A great giddy and free style that allows much and is still readable. Salieri might need a better r. Even for all the freedom, I think it stands out a bit.

Till the next challenge.


PS. Sorry about low res pic. I'll send with higher next time.

5:52 AM  
Blogger Serpiente said...


Thanks for your comments.

Salam Nag & Fa

Regards from Mexico

7:07 AM  

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