Wednesday, February 06, 2008

reflection: walter-marten
Walter a.k.a.Marten. The Man In Black in Stephen King's epic 'The Dark Tower' series. Nag's into the last book now - the last stretch with the katet.
Our previous design inspired by the same book:

reflection: the-dark-tower

which conceals the Man in Black himself within the design:

Of course, an ambigram of Stephen King himself:

ambigram: stephen king

We are still attempting a Katet ambigram, incorporating the names of the five (yup, Oy included!) main heroes. Been at it since last mid year (mid world?) though.. Still proves elusive..

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Blogger Jose Manuel said...

Very beautiful ambigram "The-dark-tower", I like much with the form of tower or castle.


4:53 PM  

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