Friday, April 25, 2008

May peace be upon you.
Some quick updates:
1. On the NastyBasty NAC (Theme: Mirror Mirror On The Wall)
We - nagfa - had compiled all the entries submitted and had also emailed them to NastyBasty for his comments and picking of the eventual winner. After which, we will then upload his comments together with the entries on this blog. Do give us about two to three weeks to get these done.
2. Still on NastyBasty, do check out his Flickr page (here) for some of the most thrilling sequences in progressive thinking in conjuring up a near-impossible Jack.the.Ripper-Serial.Killer ambigram, which we came up ourselves and still couldn't solve it for the longest time. His final piece is a testament and culmination of determination, creativity, persistence and just plain brute effort to finish what he had started. Awe and respects!
3. On the subject of quality designs, do check out 10 (!!!) new designs updated in John Langdon's ambigram gallery (here)
4. And touching on an ambigram-churning machine, how about Ed Xander (here), who seems to be on a roll these past weeks, coming up with many many new concepts, and original presentations for visual word plays. His numerous takes on similar words are also pleasantly diversed. Superb!

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