Wednesday, June 04, 2008

more entries...

Hi and salam to all, hope you're in the best of health with loved ones. A quick post here:
Firstly, it has to be said that due to some technical problems with our email account circa April, some artists may discover that their emails (NAC entries) have not been received, thus their absence in the recently-posted compilation of the submitted entries.
To avoid a repetition of this unfortunate incident, we will reply at least an acknowledgement (we've been doing this quite regularly) to confirm each received email. Do remind / enquire us of the status of your email if we have yet to reply to it. :)
These are two more additional design for the NastyBasty NAC:
'snow.white-the.fairest' by juan luis (spain)

'ai.dash-thailand' by ai.dash

Secondly, two further solutions by ed xander (uk) for our mini-challenge: the.dark.tower - stephen.king:

'stephen.king-the.dark.tower' by ed xander (uk)
A brief update on the special NAC. We are currently refining some small details with the Guest Challenger of the special NAC. Estimated time of posting will be this Saturday.
In the meantime, we would love to introduce another talent in our ambigram fraternity: Azahary Arif from Singapore, whose recent designs exude a sense of well thought-of techniques and phrase combinations. Do drop by and say 'hi'.. :)

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Blogger aza said...

thnx nagfa for the intro.

hi all, looking forward to mingle & learn from all the veterans..


1:18 PM  

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