Sunday, May 18, 2008

ambigram: hard.liberty
...from our hand drawn sketch:
ambigram: hard.liberty (sketch)
Some updates:
A: Mini-Challenges
Surprisingly, the mini-challenges which we posed - both as a curelixiremedy to our own list of unsolvable designs, and as a filler until the next NAC challenge is posed - proved very popular. We will post the submitted entries, some very good ones, soon.. (Thank you for those designers who had submitted valiant designs; our hats off to you..)
In the meantime, more mini-challenges for those still thirsty for an ambigram fix..
1) Superman-Kryptonite (reflection or ambigram, or even figure/ground)
2) A Seinfeld ambigram which includes the names: Jerry, Kramer, Elaine and George
3) Dream Theatre - Fear Factory
B: Special Edition NAC
We are currently in discussion with a prominent figure in the Ambigram Community about a special edition NAC. This NAC would be different from previous ones due to the prestige and bragging rights of the eventual winner, not to mention the 'prize' as the carrot. More would be revealed in due time.. Look out for that!
Salam; peace be upon you, our constant visitors.
nagfa: naguib and fadilah

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