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NAC September 2008: Danial Dostal's Greek Myths & Legends

Salam (peace) to all.
Firstly, we apologize for the delay in posting these, the reason we'll reveal later.
For new visitors, welcome to just one of the many blogs dedicated on the art of ambigrams. Many other wonderful sites on ambigrams could be seen in the links in the side bar under Ambigram Mates, many artists of whom we have had the honour of working closely with.
In this instalment of Nagfa Ambigram Challenge (NAC), we have the distinguishingly creative Danial Dostal of Poland as our Guest Challenger, who had proposed its theme. More information: here.
We present you Danial's overview of the entries and his choice for the winning contributor.
"Firstly, I would like to thank all contributors for their wonderful works. Before we will get to know the winner, I would like to present my ambigram. I prepared only one piece. Initially, I had planned for a few more ambigrams, but I concentrated on a different project, of which I will only reveal after the presentation of all submitted ambigrams.

Minotaur by Danial Dostal (Poland)

Choosing the winner was very difficult. After much thought, I've decided to honour the work of Robert Maitland. In my opinion it is a fresh concept, very original and innovative approach to ambigrams. My congratulations to the future Guest Challenger.

'Labyrinth-Minotaur' by Robert Maitland (Canada)

Not far behind is the wonderful 'labyrinth' of Krzysztof Śliwa. The simplicity and the legibility of this piece is delightful.

'Labyrinth' by Krzystof Sliwa (Poland)

As ever Nasty Basty’s ambigrams turned out near-perfection.

'Labyrinth' by NastyBasty (Germany)

'Minotaur' by NastyBasty (Germany)

'Ariadne-Theseus' by NastyBasty (Germany)
I like the simple and modern Awangpurba’s minotaur.
'Minotaur' by AwangPurba (Malaysia)
Different approaches in the manipulation of letters in the word 'labyrinth' is enlightening.
'Labyrinth' by Emma Howard (Australia)

'labyrinth' by Ian Harrison (Australia)

'labyrinth' by Txescu (Catalunia)

'Labyrinth' by Nemielyn (Philippines)
Other hand drawn works by Nemielyn have fascinating dark moods.
'Daedalus' by Nemielyn (Philippines)

'Theseus' by Nemielyn (Philippines)

'Minotaur' by Nemielyn (Philippines)
In Aidash’s piece, a style of applied letters appealed to me.
'Into the Labyrinth' by AiDash (Philippines)
From a diversity of Charles Madrid's works, Daedalus most appealed to me.
'Daedalus' by Charles Madrid (Philippines)

'into the Labyrinth' by Charles Madrid (Philippines)

'Minotaur' by Charles Madrid (Philippines)
The simple 'Dedalo' ambigram prepared by Anuar is interesting.
'dedalo' by Anuar (Mexico)
Nagfa prepared interesting symbiotogram in the distinctive simple style.

'labyrinth-minataur' by nagfa (Singapore)
Solutions applied by Ruel gave a great impression.
'labyrinth' by Ruel Masacayan (Philippines)
I like the simplicity of the gothic phrase prepared by Elwin.
'Into the Labyrinth' by Elwin Gill (USA)
Malcolm’s ambigram is a bit illegible but it does look impressive.
'Into the Labyrinth' by Malcolm King (New Zealand)
From Cy Reb’s works, I would choose the interestingly written word 'maze'.

'maze' by Cy Reb, Jr. (USA)

'Minotaur-Labyrinth' by Cy Reb, Jr. (USA)

'Theseus-Ariadne' by Cy Reb, Jr. (USA)
Nikita prepared two Greek goddesses for us - Athena is excellent.
'Athena' by Nikita (USA)
'Aphrodite' by Nikita (USA)
Azahary’s mirror 'Poseidon' is excellent.

'Poseidon God of the Sea' by Azahary (Singapore)
Now for the 'different project' I mentioned earlier. I announced that I would prepare ambigrams for three or four of the best designers. I changed my mind and decided to honour everyone who had devoted their time for the participation in this NAC. The ambigrams are diversed, some worked well more than others but I had devoted all my knowledge and abilities to everyone.
Vector versions of designers' ambigrams in AI format will be sent to all contributors through Nagfa.
One more time, I congratulate Robert Maitland. Thanks to all contributors and first of all for Nagfa."
We extend our grateful and heartful thanks to all who had once again made this outing a successful one. Thank you to Danial Dostal who had not only evaluated the designs, but also dedicated his time to design personalised ambigrams to all contributors. We know we are all honoured and touched by this gesture. And of course, not forgetting a hearty congratulation to Robert Maitland whose unorthodox approach and concept deservingly win him the title of Guest Challenger for a future NAC. We'll be contacting him via email.
Just a reminder, the next instalment of NAC would be a theme by previous winner: Alessandro of Italy for this: here.
We owe everyone an explanation; the reason for not posting this earlier was due to the birth of our (nagfa's: Naguib & Fadilah) first baby - a girl(!) - Nayla Najwa. :)

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Blogger Jose Manuel said...

Congratulations to all the designers and especially to NAGFA by the birth of your baby Najwa Nayla.


6:09 PM  
Blogger Juan Luis said...

Congratulations for the baby! Great news!

And congratulations Daniel and everybody for their great work.

9:09 PM  
Anonymous txescu said...

Firt of all, congratullations to Nag & Fa for the birth of your first daugther!!!

All the ambigrams are amazing in this edition of NAC, I'm not able to choose a favourite one, all are great.

Congratullations to Robert for being the winner and thanks to Daniel for making an ambigram for everyone of us.


10:24 PM  
Blogger Ambiblog said...

Congratulations to everyone, and to the winner!

Nagfa, congratulations on your baby girl! Health and happiness to all of you!

2:13 AM  
Blogger awangpurba said...

Whoaa congratulations to both of u NagFa..
Selamat menjadi makbapak yg terbaik..


9:22 AM  
Blogger Progressive Letters said...

congratulations to NagFa for their new born baby

and also to our fellow participants who joined this ambigram challenge

it was another successful challange again, gratz to all of us...

thanks daniel for giving us a good theme and for creating ambigrams for us. we'll wait for it.

more powers NagFa

4:12 PM  
Blogger aza said...


semoga Allah memberi berkah atas pemberianNya kepada mu..

Alhamdulillah... syukur kepada Allah yang Maha Pemberi..

semoga anak ini akan menjadi dewasa dan berbakti kelak..


11:26 PM  
Blogger Virginia · Hilario said...

INcredible! A lot of congratulations!!
We also owe an explanation for this postcard. The reason was due to the birth of our baby on Dec, 4.
So, we all will remeber this week as a "fiesta".

2:47 AM  
Blogger nagfa said...

Thank you all friends for the kind wishes. Your encouragements will only make us stronger parents.

And let's not forget Virginia's and Hilario's baby too: Congratulations to this magnificent couple. Our respects and love to you four.. :)


11:02 AM  

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