Sunday, December 07, 2008

nagfa ambigram challenge (NAC) December 2008

Right on the heels of the recently-ended NAC (nagfa ambigram challenge), let's keep the momentum going by proceeding to yet another challenge. This time, we present the Guest Challenger, none other than Alessandro Pocaterra of Italy, and winner of this previous NAC, in his own words:
I am Alessandro, a teenager of 39, in love with ambigrams since I read Scott Kim's article on Scientific American eons ago. I prefer symbio(togram)s (where you can read upside down another word/sentence) and very simple "no frills" ones. To digitalize ambigrams, I use Inkscape, the open (and better) version of CorelDraw. I'm kind of lazy: if an ambigram comes out from the pen in ten minutes I refine it on the computer. Otherwise I leave the effort to somebody else and pick up a book. Reading is my first hobby. I'm fond of self growth, EFT and other psychological techniques, mathematics, drawing, informatics, Net surfing searching for info about the incredible possibility of our brain, stone balancing.
Since I was a child my dream was to be a genius but I am not smart enough. Preferred sentence: "If you want a better World, do it!" by me. My whole life is a symbio. I had a 180 degrees rotation in 2004 during the Camino de Santiago, a 800km walk in Northern Spain. Over there I met Susann, a wonderful woman who will give me a child next March. I discovered that life is great and really better than it seems. No television at home as a choice since then. I was a microcontroller programmer till some months ago, then I've been promoted to Innovation Manager, whatever that is. I'll put an ambigram as name/logo for a new device that my company is producing. There was a page of mine with a number of ambis but it's now lost in digital space: the Net Gods made it disappear without telling me anything. I'll try to put on something in the short future.
Being Italian, my NAC theme is "Leonardo da Vinci".
Looking forward to good ambigrams!
Please submit designs to:
hopefully before 15th of January (for allowance for us to compile them mid-February). Please also include the chosen word for the design, your name (pseudonym allowed), country of origin, and website/blog (if any). *Designers are allowed to send in more than one design/entry...
All the best,
Nagfa: Naguib & Fadilah

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fantastic theme!

5:28 PM  
Blogger Shukor Yahya said...

Dear da vinci,

Perhaps you should visit my site at where I flashed one of my works there. I have many more in store but I fear that someone might copy them.

11:59 PM  

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