Monday, June 08, 2009

Angels & Demons Gala Premiere (Singapore) by Nayla Najwa

Hello! I want to tell you a story. A happy story because Ayah and Ibu were smiling a lot. And kissed me a lot, too.
One day, Ayah received a plain envelope: He showed it to Ibu and me, and said 'Invitation to the Gala Premier'. Ibu smiled. I smiled too, because I love playing with papers. Tearing them. Ayah arranged the things in the envelope and took a photograph. (Ayah deliberately hid my envelope behind the other glossy papers.)On Saturday, Ayah and Ibu dressed nicely and Ibu put on lipsticks. I like seeing Ibu with lipsticks. I want to put on lipsticks too when I grow up. Pretty just like Ibu. Ayah put on his funny spectacles (matches his funny beard, heehee). I don't want to wear funny spectacles when I grow up.

At the Gala place, Ibu said every guest received a contest form with nagfa's (Ayah and Ibu)ambigrams:

The person who could read the four ambigrams could win a Sony Ericsson handphone. I want to win a handphone for Ayah but I cannot read, yet. But I can tear papers, though.
Ibu said there were also bigger ambigrams to help the guests see better. The four persons in the picture will also rotate the big cards. Maybe to confuse the guests even more:

After the contest, and chatting with the guests while having light refreshments, Ayah and Ibu watched the 'Angels & Demons' movie. Ayah said the movie was good. But after Ibu gave me my envelope, I was engrossed with it. I only saw Ayah's funny beard move but I did not pay attention to him anymore.
Report done by cute Nayla Najwa:

'Ayah' is Malay for Father / Daddy.
'Ibu' is Malay for Mother / Mommy.
.. and I love both!

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Anonymous Diah Utami said...

Nayla could become a very good reporter when she grows up ;)

3:45 PM  
Blogger Ruel Masacayan said...

nice story!
nayla is so lucky to have parents who sometimes have a mind like her.

4:33 PM  
Anonymous Fraga said...

Very good event and big report, Nagfa. Smacks for beautiful Nayla, the princess of ambigrams! ("Uncle" Fraga, from Brazil)

9:09 PM  
Blogger Ambiblog said...

Great story & lovely ambigrams! Wonderful job as always!

11:57 AM  
Blogger awangpurba said...

bravo guys!
nagfa, kalau turun kl kasitau ye.

4:11 PM  

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