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NAC September 2007: Hybridity


After a long wait, we have finally compiled the September edition for NAC (nagfa's ambigram challenge). Again, we've seen new participants (a warm welcome from all of us at the NAC family!). The given challenge was the word - 'hybridity' - and through the entries, we've seen various interpretations, most participants went for the straightforward with emphasis on exuding individual styles; some went for brave, and surprisingly successful solutions; there were experiments with fonts and depictions of hybridity.


All in all, this NAC is in itself a 'hybrid'; proof that different artists with different styles from different cultures and socio-economic backgrounds, have made it a considerable success. Applause to all! Respect and salute, and a handshake to all..



Here goes... beginning with nagfa's own design:

nagfa (singapore)

Below, are the entries for NAC September. Do take a look at all of them, and please vote the best design. As mentioned, the artist with the most number of votes will be invited as the Guest Challenger for a future instalment of NAC. Please leave your votes and comments in the comments tool below. azrul (malaysia)

mark palmer a.k.a. WowTattoos (usa)

mark palmer a.k.a. WowTattoos (usa)

awangpurba (malaysia)

boy-an (singapore)

alberto (colombia)

alberto (colombia)

alberto (colombia)

homero (chile)

homero (chile)

serpiente (mexico)

serpiente (mexico)

serpiente (mexico)

serpiente (mexico)

adrian moro calderon (spain)

adrian moro calderon (spain)

txescu (catalunia)

txescu (catalunia)

jordi (catalunia)

ruel (philippines)

ruel (philippines)

manidipa (new zealand)

luigi nardiello (italy)

diego colombo (italy)

elwin gill (usa)

dan schmidt (usa)

dan schmidt (usa)

frits jonker (holland)

martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland)
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland)
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland) *work in progress*
martijn a.k.a. ambigramateur (holland) *work in progress*

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Blogger jordi said...

From Barcelona my vote goes to...
Frits Jonker-Holland
Snif, snif, my dessign is another time losed.


8:39 PM  
Blogger Martijn said...

A lovely collection once again! My entry was a little late, I hope Nagfa can still put it in the list somewhere :S

Coïncidentily, Mark Palmers ambigram is almost the same as mine! :) Both letter and style-wise (using two fonts in 1 ambigram)! Good work everyone!

My vote goes to Homero, for his top design! I really like Mark Palmer's too, but as mine is practically the same, I voted for Homero! I'm anxious to see who will win!

In case my design can or will not be shown here, you can find it at!

Take care and salam,

Martijn Slegers

11:55 PM  
Blogger homero said...

I vote for Diego Colombo. Very clever B/D combination, I tried to find an upper case solution for my second version, but nothing came to mind.

Also, I really like Martin Slegers's finished version, it has very nice asymmetric details. It's a shame that it didn't get in time.

Cogratulations to all!


6:17 AM  
Blogger Serpiente said...

i can't see all the entries, but my vote goes to Homero's ambigram (lowcase)... is very good, readable, and pretty.

Can't you see my ambigrams?
visit my entry at:


12:23 PM  
Anonymous Adrian said...

I think there is an error...
I can't see the ambigrams!
I'd like to see them... :'(

Adrian Moro

1:16 AM  
Blogger Ruel Masacayan said...

My vote goes to Frits Jonker of Holland. I had a similar design but his solution for YB-DIT is in my opinion better than mine. For those who can't see the ambigrams, try opening the blog again today. I had the same problem yesterday where I can see only 3, but now I can see them all. Congratulations everyone!

3:46 PM  
Blogger awangpurba said...

my vote goes to serpiente (mexico) for the 'ice n fire'.. it meet the concept, although it's just an effect.. not the letters.

but it's hard to read

3:54 PM  
Anonymous txescu said...

Every month ti becomes more and more difficult to choose only one, all are excellent!!! This month my vote goes to Diego Colombo, because his piece is elegant, simple amb very well executed.

Congratullations to all participants!!!


10:13 PM  
Anonymous Adrian Moro Calderon said...

Great challenge!
My vote goes to Homero (to his second ambigram, but I like the first too). It is really readable, congratulations Hoemro!
If it were allowed, I´ll choose a second ambigramist, Dan Schmidt, who has created another fantastic an readable ambigram(I prefer the blue one).
I've seen that the NagFa "hybridity" ambigram is conceptually similar to my second ambigram, so: well done!! I think is a good solution!


Adrian Moro

5:49 AM  
Blogger aznhamzah said...

Terimakasih kerana sudi melawat blog saya, sebenarnya saya cuba-cuba ambigram ni setelah tertarik melihat hasil kerja saudara


1:53 PM  
Blogger totomai said...

i vote for ruel (philippines) 2nd photo. loved the simplicity of it

10:10 PM  
Anonymous azrul said...

wow, lots of amazing entries!
i'd have to say my vote goes to mark palmer's. It really fit the hybridity theme, 2 fonts, and both matched each other very well! awesome! hoping to learn more.

1:54 AM  
Blogger Frits said...

Homero's second ambigram (the black&white one) is my favourite.

3:25 AM  
Anonymous dan schmidt said...

It's tough, but I think my favorite is Homero's black and white version. Very impressive work by everyone.

6:52 AM  
Blogger Ambigramas Alberto Portacio said...

Realmente una excelente participación.
Mi voto es por los ambigramas de Homero, son bastante legibles.

9:06 AM  
Blogger nagfa said...

Voting is over.. the results will be posted in a future posting, and the winner be informed through email for an upcoming NAC..

thank your for all who had voted.


11:14 AM  

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