Sunday, April 27, 2008

ambigram: ed.xander
For Ed Xander, a long-time Ambigram Mate from Flickr Ambigram Group. Colours used here reflect his avatar, that cleverly-designed YinYang symbol using 'e' and 'd' (with rotational symmetry, too, mind you.)

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Blogger scalpod said...

I love it when ambigram artists tackle each others' names. I just know Ed is going to go crazy when he sees this?!

Great work!

2:07 PM  
Blogger nagfa said...

Hi, scalpod!

We have been eyeing his name for so long, especially that 'x'. Another solution could be more straightforward but this we feel works well for the almost-natural curves of the 'n' and the 'd' to form the 'x'.

We are still trying for a 'txescu' ambigram (the 'sc' conveniently rotating into the 'x'). Txescu is an Ambigram Mate fro Catalunia.


8:07 PM  
Anonymous Ed Xander said...

Scalpod is indeed right though why he insists on openly discussing my mental stability i will never know ;-)

As for the design i am so, so impressed with the 'x' it is possibly my nemesis letter, though there are others i have issues with of course

The reason for my delay in commenting is that i've been working on something which i thought would make a nice response take a look,

I'm now off to try and find a 7 letter 3d combination, i may be some time...

10:13 PM  

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