Monday, November 19, 2007

and the next NAC Guest Challenger is...

Hi and salam to all!
We have counted the votes cast for NAC September 2007 (word: hybridity). As mentioned, the artist who receives the most number of votes will be invited as the Guest Challenger for a future NAC. As it is, the votes are as follows:
Frits Jonker (Holland): 2
Homero Larrain (Chile): 6
Diego Colombo (Italy): 2
Serpiente (Mexico): 1
Ruel Masacayan (Philippines): 1
Mark Palmer a.k.a. WowTattoos (USA): 1
Congratulations to Homero of Chile! We'll be emailing you the details soon..
*To make future NACs more participants-centric, we propose that the Guest Challenger vote for his favourite solution for his own challenge. The winning artist will then be the next Guest Challenger. We'll try this out and see how viable it is. Of course, suggestions are appreciated.
nagfa: naguib & fadilah

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Blogger homero said...

Thanks to all, this is a big honor.

I'll try to find an interesting theme for the next round!


11:59 PM  

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